An artificial tear of CPC1HN can interest you?

As you may know, most people have eye problems at one time or another. Some are minor and will go away on their own, or are easy to treat at home. Others need a specialist’s care. CPC1HN is proud to be a pioneer in serving high quality eye care products using innovative technology.

Today, we - Ha Noi CPC1 Pharmaceutical JSC – would like to introduce one of our featured products: AFENEMI – Artificial Tears for relief dry eyes.

Tear osmolarity in healthy eyes is ~300 mOsm/L. In patients with sensations of ocular dryness, tear osmolarity is typically as high as 340 mOsm/L and has been associated with damage to the corneal epithelium. AFENEMI is formulated to be hypotonic (150 mOsm/L) and, therefore, rapidly counteracts tear hypertonicity experienced with sensations of ocular dryness

AFENEMI contains similar concentrations of essential ions to those found in natural tears – calcium and magnesium are important in cell adhesion, cell junctions and cellular transport, and potassium contributes to the maintenance of corneal thickness.

For more information, please take a look at the content below:

Composition: Sodium hyaluronate 1.8% 
Single dose: 0.5ml (0.9mg/0.5ml)  
Multi doses: 10ml (18mg/10ml)

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