Fogyma - Breakthrough formulation -Iron without fishy taste

Why FOGYMA (Iron polymaltose complex oral solution) is one of our hot-selling product?

Information of product:


Iron (as Iron (III) Hydroxyde Polymaltose complex)……… 50mg/10ml


Prevention and supported treatment of iron deficiency inanemia.

Object of use:

Pregnant, Breast-feeding

Undernourished people

Children of iron deficiency anemia, growth retardation

What make Fogyma different

ü  Delicious taste

A central challenge of almost marketed iron oral solution product is a “matter of taste”, often fishy smell and metallic taste. More than 90% of patients reported that a drug’s taste and palatability were the biggest barriers to completing treatment.

Only Fogyma with breakthrough formulation, not have trouble with tastes, and it is reason why Fogyma is the leader in Iron supplement market.


ü  Organic iron complex

FOGYMA with main ingredient Iron (III) hydroxyde polymaltose (IPC) – a Organic iron complex – so that provide properties: easy to absorption and less adverse drug reactions (particularly upper digestive troubles, stained teeth, no constipation or diarrhea) were reported than Inorganic ferrous oral product

(Iron(III)-hydroxide Polymaltose Complex in Iron Deficiency Anemia - Review and meta-analysis - Jorge E. Toblli1, Reto Brignoli)

ü  Single dose plastic ampoule

One ampoule for one time of use. So that, patients will not be worry about contamination risk to remain dose as multi dose products. Totally safety and remain effect.